Hello fiber friends! I’m Heidi, the designer and dyer behind blossom + fern yarn co. I see my job as bringing you wearable colours in modern palettes (the better to create with, my dear!) For me, it’s not just about throwing colour in the pot and hoping it turns out pretty. I’m an artist who paints in colourways that are thoughtfully chosen, and I dye colours that speak to me to create collections that are cohesive + intentional. Designing yarn for your favourite projects is the best part of what I do.

I grew up surrounded by creativity and colour - my parents and sister are artists, and we used to all paint on one big canvas together as a family. After becoming a mom, I found I didn’t have enough creativity in my day to day, so I started dyeing yarn. Having been a passionate knitter of over ten years, turning to yarn was a lovely leap. Even if I only have time for one row, I find time to knit every day for relaxation and connection to slow + simple living.

thank you so much for visiting! b + f has given me a way to share my love of colour and yarn with others.

happy making!

Heidi x x x